CBNcomic Review | Extraordinary X-Men; 005

                 By: Carefree Black Nerd


I just finished the final chapter of the first arc...and I must say I am so happy I held out. Initially I wasn't sure how I felt about the first few chapters [or the series itself] It was getting a little shaky there for a minute. I'd almost given up, until the impromptu press conference Ororo held [after the team's battle against the mutant/inhuman/clone-hybrid of Scott-created by Mr. Sinister]

Over the course of 12 beautifully drawn panels she declares:

"My name is Storm. I am a mutant and these are my X-Men ... Know one thing, we are done hiding. If you try to hurt us. If you try to hunt us...we will retaliate."

She's ends her speech with a poetic and nostalgic: "To Me, My X-Men."

Seeing her melaninated face on several jumbo screens being viewed by countless people [both human and inhuman alike] THAT is the very point that sold me on this particular series. The trial basis is over and I'll be following this team going forward.

** honorable mention: Colossus, teenage Jean, old man Logan, Illyana and Bobby


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