CBNcomic Review | TheGroovyDeadpool; # 1

                 By: Carefree Black Nerd


After finishing True Believers "The Groovy Deadpool #1" I was very pleased. The golden and silver age art style of comics have been lost on me since I have returned to the comic book culture. Aside from the Archie comics that is.

I must say this issue was a great intro back into that nostalgic art style. Secondly, the story itself was very entertaining and of its time. Aunt May even made a cameo and this book. This story being from the 70's showed her as a very different character than the way she's presented now. Although her abrasiveness is probably do to Uncle Ben's death still being fresh. (Since time passes much slower in comics) 

In this lost issue from the 70's deadpool misinterprets a "Heroes for Hire" ad in The Daily Bugle as a Now Hiring ad from power man and iron fist.

In true deadpool fashion he comically intrudes on the Heroes for Hire's latest case. A Hispanic widowed single mother (Mrs. Camacho) who owns a bodega is being shaked down by a pale white skinned pimp (in a white suit) ironically coined: the White Man. 

In context of the 70's and blacksploitation era it's clear to me that the white man is The White Man.

Once the Heroes for Hire accept the case Deadpool continues to disrupt the duo's plans. He finds himself in hilarious situations and conquers them in a way only deadpool could. The dialogue in this issue is sharp and quick and the old age art style compliments the story very well. All in all this was a very satisfying issue, as a one-shot story it's one I would recommend to anyone especially those with limited knowledge of the character.


        CBNcomic Review | Season 1 | Issue 1 

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